olenka & the autumn lovers

A Story of the forging of Little Olek's Social Realist Spirit

I was a sensitive child on the brink.
I didn’t know how to laugh or to think.
I had been taught by my country to KILL KILL KILL
All the joy in my breast.

I was a rather good teller of tales.
I had the generals rapt without fail.
I once told a story that broke all their HEARTS HEARTS HEARTS
And won us the war.

(here’s how it went)

There was a woman, a child, and a mouse.
They lived together in a broken-down house.
One day the mouse ate the last golden CRUMB CRUMB CRUMB
And fled into the night.

There was a beautiful girl with a smile
That lifted the spirits for many a mile.
One day a business man came through the TOWN TOWN TOWN,
And the smile disappeared.

There was a sensitive child in the street,
Who shined  the shoes of the wealthy and weak.
With each bit of spittle that fell from his LIPS LIPS LIPS
A spirit was FORGED.