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and now we sing

September 2010

Olenka & the Autumn Lovers - And Now We Sing

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Recorded by Andy Magoffin at The House of Miracles.
Additional recording by Simon Larochette at The London Music Club.
Mixed by Simon Larochette and Andy Magoffin.
Mastered by Joao Carvalho at JCM.

Artwork by Sara Froese.
Photography by Patrick Schmidt.
Design by Sara Froese, Andrew James, and Olenka Krakus.

Produced by Olenka Krakus.
All songs written by Olenka Krakus.
Arranged by O&AL.


Olenka Krakus – classical and acoustic guitars, vocals
Sara Froese – violin, vocals
Simon Larochette – trumpet, percussion
Daniel Mancini – drums
Blair Whatmore – electric guitars, lap steel, mandolin

Additional musicians

Kevin Brasier – upright and electric bass
Shawn Clarke – saxophone
Christian Hegele – upright piano, Wurlitzer
Jed House – upright bass on "Mama's Bag", " Sweet Little Road", and "Mary's Song"
Lac-Hong Phi – cello
Kelly Wallraff – vocals
Kelly Webb – trumpet, french horn

press reviews

"From wistful, weaving melodies to playful staccato bursts, each of the album's 14 tracks tells an intriguing narrative from start to finish. Teeming with enchanting instrumentals—including cello, violin and mandolin—and Krakus' effortlessly intricate vocals, And Now We Sing is one meditatively magnetic release." !earshot

"...And Now We Sing is such a great album. Regardless of whether she's singing country music (on "Mama's Bag" or "East End"), or Eastern European-tinged folk ("Mary's Song", "Sparrow"), or smoky jazz (on "Berlin"), or venturing off into artsier territory ("No Coins"), or even just singing straight-up folk music ("Lark"), Olenka knows how to make every song seem as though it's got weight [...]. Olenka might just be responsible for the album of the year." i(heart)music

"[And Now We Sing] demands constant listening and becomes more rewarding each time through, a trend I don't expect to stop." Chromewaves

"Looking at the complete, 14-song affair it's tough to point out the best moments [on And Now We Sing] and even harder to find a note out of place, but one thing is for certain; Olenka is making a name for herself, one that deserves to stand alongside her peers not simply be compared casually to some of their best moments." Herohill

"[O&AL] sound more confident on this sophomore release, working as a single unit rather than as individual instruments playing together. Where in the past things were left a tad frayed around the edges, here everything is honed and reined in, emphasizing the record's formidable pop hooks. More than a simple folk album, And Now We Sing helps to further establish Olenka & the Autumn Lovers as a band with their own distinct voice." Exclaim

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