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olenka & the autumn lovers

November 2008

Olenka and the Autumn Lovers - Self Titled


Recorded by Dan Toews and Christopher Ellis in various locations.
Mixed by Dan Toews.
Mastered by Scott Bell and Stephan Mihajlovich at Audio Returns

Artwork by Olenka Krakus.
Design by Sam Allen and Olenka Krakus.

Produced by Olenka Krakus, Dan Toews, & Christopher Ellis.
All songs written by Olenka Krakus.
Arranged by O&AL.


Olenka Krakus – classical guitar, accordion, glockenspiel, vocals, percussion
Shawn Clarke – saxophone, bass clarinet, glockenspiel, acoustic guitar, vocals
Elizabeth Close – clarinet
Jaime Denike – flute, percussion
Christopher Ellis – upright bass, percussion
Sara Froese – violin, vocals
Paterson Hodgson – cello, vocals
Adam Horn – upright piano, Rhodes
Andrew James – accordion
Mike Komaszczuk – electric guitar
Pete Lebel – glockenspiel
Monica Lee – viola
Chris Martell – drums, percussion
Kevin Judas Matheson – clarinet, bamboo flute
Sean Ramsay – banjo, percussion, vocals
Dan Toews – drums, percussion, vocals

press reviews

"If fresh, interesting folk music moved units like bad pop does, Olenka Krakus and her bandmates would be zillionaires." Hour Magazine

"Krakus' lyrics prod at her Polish ancestry, exploring moral inquiries from her dying planet to life in suburbia, while spinning stories reminiscent of the likes of raconteurs Tom Waits or Nick Cave (who would make great drinking buddies for Krakus and her Lovers)." Soundproof

CHRW’s Album of the Year for 2008

“At different times, autumn can be the most beautiful and the most melancholy of all seasons. And so it goes for Olenka Krakus and her band, the Autumn Lovers, whose particular brand of balladry treads that line between elegance and sorrow…”
Jam Magazine

“Olenka's voice is the highlight of the album, walking the fine line between fragility and power. The best songs here are the subtle ones, like “Soldier's Waltz”, using violin and glockenspeil as the background to a dirge-like march, and “Watching Neighbours”, which sounds like Feist on a very paranoid day.” !earshot